Welcome to the 8th Chemical Protein Synthesis (CPS) Meeting in Berlin

The 8thChemical Protein Synthesis (CPS) Meeting 2019 will continue the successful biannual international symposium series devoted to protein chemistry following previous meetings in Haifa, Israel (2017), St. Augustine, USA (2015) and Vienna, Austria (2013). This symposium covers topics from protein chemistry broadly defined, ranging from synthetic methodology to applications in medicine and biomaterials. We are delighted to host over 50 presentations from the leading scientists in this vibrant area of life sciences.

The CPS 2019 meeting will also be the final scientific symposium of the priority program SPP1623 (www.spp1623.de), funded by the German Science Foundation.

Scientific topics

  • Novel methodologies in protein synthesis
  • Modified peptides and proteins in pharmaceutical research
  • Synthetic proteins in the cell
  • Elucidating posttranslational modifications
  • Site-specific protein modifications
  • Rising stars in chemical protein synthesis

Keynote speakers

Annette Beck-Sickinger

Professor of Biochemistry and Bioorganic Chemistry (Faculty of Life Sciences, Leipzig University)

G Protein coupled receptors: Ligand binding, signaling and trafficking

Philip Dawson

Professor, Department of Chemistry
(The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla)

Customizing macromolecules through chemical ligation

Organizing Committee

Committee members

Jeff Bode (ETH Zurich)

Ashraf Brik (Technion Haifa)

Lei Liu (Tsinghua University)

Tom Muir (Princeton University)

Location and registration

Location: Harnack House, Campus of the Freie Unversität Berlin

Registration: 250€ students, 350€ academic participants, 450€ industry delegates.

We encourage all attendees to present posters!